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Spark!Lab™ Smithsonian Inventive Creativity™ Kits are designed to provide children with the same hands-on experience at home as they would enjoy when visiting the Draper Spark!Lab™ at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C..Think It! Explore It! Sketch It! Create It! Try It! Tweak It! Sell It! This new line introduces kids to the process of invention, the same process used by real inventors, and helps them develop 21st Century skills such as critical thinking and creativity in a fun, open-ended way.

Improve your kicks by taking them to the next level and come up with ways to make your shoes super!

Think it! Explore it! Sketch it! Create it! Try it! Tweak it! Sell it! Use the Spark!Lab invention process along with more than 130+ pieces to design and develop innovative shoes.

Includes canvas shapes, canvas shoe swatches for concept designing, fabric paint, stencils, reflective stickers and a bonus mini shoe key chain to decorate.

Ages: 8+

Invent Super Shoes
Invent Super Shoes